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Puppy Health Guarantee


Puppy Contract/Health Guarantee

This puppy is a product of Small World Aussies without any visible health problems or known hereditary conditions and is guaranteed to be in good health at the time of sale.

Veterinarian Examination:

a) Breeder warrants that the puppy is healthy at the time of sale to the best of Breeder’s ability.  Breeder will have had the puppy checked over by a veterinarian before sale of puppy.

b) Buyer has 3 (three) working days from the date of pick up from the breeder's house to have this puppy examined by a state licensed veterinarian to affirm that the puppy is in good health.  If, at that time, it is found that your new puppy is not in good health; or within one year of receiving the puppy it is found that the puppy has a life threatening genetic disorder or disease, the Breeder reserves the right to have puppy checked over by one of the Breeder’s veterinarians before refund is given.  If the Breeder’s veterinarian concurs with Buyers veterinarian then 100% of the purchase price, minus shipping if applicable, will be refunded to the Buyer.  Shipping costs (if applicable) resulting from shipping the puppy back to the Breeder is the Buyer’s responsibility.  Buyers must return the puppy to breeder within 3 days of vet check in order to qualify for refund.  Puppy must be shipped back to Breeder before refund as stated above is given.  Third party sale makes this contract null and void as does evidence of abuse, neglect or accident.

c) If Buyer does not take the puppy to a veterinarian within the specified 3 (three) working days time frame, then the Buyer cannot return the puppy due to any illness, and this Health Guarantee is VOID. 

d) Buyer will not take puppy to any public places or let the puppy interact with any other dogs (unless that dog lives in the same household) until the vet check is performed. 

e) The Breeder is not responsible for veterinary bills resulting from Buyer’s vet check or veterinary treatment of the puppy at any time after puppy has been turned over to Buyer.

Vaccinations/Veterinary Care: 

Your puppy is up to date on vaccinations and de-worming at the time you receive him/her.  Included in your puppy paperwork is a record that lists exact dates and what types of vaccinations/de-worming that were given. It is important that your puppy receive additional vaccinations necessary to keep it protected against infectious canine diseases.   

1) Buyer agrees to follow all local, state and federal laws concerning canine vaccinations.

2) The Breeder is not responsible for any communicable diseases or reactions from vaccinations once the puppy leaves our care. 

3) Buyer agrees to provide veterinary care when needed or as suggested by their veterinarian. 

4) Buyer agrees that by signing this contract that they give the Breeder full permission and authorization to speak to, request documents, disclose, and release, without restriction, all of the puppies health information and medical records regarding any past, present, or future medical condition from any veterinarian or technician that has treated this puppy at any time. 

It is suggested that you do NOT take your puppy to parks, pet stores or other public places until they are at least 4 months of age and all vaccinations are completed.  The risk of your puppy contracting Parvo-virus, Kennel Cough, Distemper and other communicable diseases is not worth the risk.  


Breeder cannot warranty the temperament of puppies.  Both genetics and the environment in which the puppy is raised can affect temperament. We have no control over the environment in which a puppy is raised, therefore we cannot warranty temperament. 

Buyer agrees to make all reasonable efforts to properly socialize the puppy.

In addition, we make no guarantees on eye color, ear set, size, working ability or reproduction ability of puppy.  No other guarantees expressed or implied.

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